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SKAPS offer a wide range of geotextiles that have been demonstrated to be effective for ground protection from erosion. The primary function of geotextiles is to minimize surficial soil particle movement via surface water flow. SKAPS Industries geotextiles aid in minimizing the movement of soil particles on areas, such as soil slopes and embankments, by behaving as a retaining protection layer when placed against a surface of soil.

SKAPS monofilament woven geotextiles are designed to offer a combination of high strength and excellent hydraulic characteristics. They prevent soil migration in areas with lightweight soils such as seawalls, bulkheads and shoreline protection, or under bedding stone in highway rip-rap applications. Geotextile bags/tubes composed of SKAPS geotextiles offer high strength, excellent hydraulic properties due to its high apparent opening size and clog resistance. They perform efficiently in in hydraulic, coastal, offshore engineering and river protection applications. Geotextile bags and tubes have been proven to be an eco-friendly, construction-friendly, and cost-effective alternative to conventional protection methods.


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