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Growth and development of any economy heavily relies on its core infrastructure. SKAPS has made its objective to protect this infrastructure by a wide array of Geosynthetic product line, chiefly constituted of Geotextiles, Geonets and Drainage Geocomposites which are highly recommended for employment in a diverse variety of applications ranging from roads, railways, ground construction, hydraulic works, canals, dams, erosion control, landfills, water proofing systems, tunnels, mining, agriculture and many more. SKAPS Industries exercises utmost precision and stringent quality control parameters in order to protect critically engineered designs. We understand that our commitment to protect does not only keep infrastructure intact but also keeps millions of dreams alive.


SKAPS Industries offers an extensive
range of woven and non-woven
geotextiles with varied weights and
properties to suit an array of applications.

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SKAPS Geonet is a three dimensional bi-planar net manufactured from
high density polyethylene for better flow under high loading.

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SKAPS Geocomposites are drainage products manufactured with three dimensional bi-planar Geonet which are laminated
either on one side or both sides with non-woven geotextiles.

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