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SKAPS has a variety of solution for your produce packaging needs, SKAPS netting is available in rainbow of colors to help meet your packaging needs. SKAPS netting conforms to the product being packaged and is temperature resistant. The openmesh design of SKAPS netting promotes air circulation, reduce condensation and eliminates fogging associated with polyethylene bags. The resulting package is visually attractive, easy to handle and an economically viable solution for your packaging needs.

1. Extruded Flat Netting




SKAPS manufactures extruded flat netting which is used to make vertical bags the can stand upright and provide better product appearance along with a high graphic label on the package. These bags can also have punched finger in the header or a carry handle. Our extruded flat netting is an excellent replacement for knitted netting and CLAF material. It comes in variety of width, length, colors and is available in roll stock. This netting is used on a variety of Jasa, Affeldt, CPack, Daumar and Sorma packaging machines.

2. Extruded & Oriented Tubular Netting




SKAPS manufactures extruded & oriented tubular nettings for a variety of packaging applications. This netting can be broadly classified into three grades like light weight packaging nets, construction netting and meat & poultry netting.

2.1 Light Weight Netting


This grade of netting is used for fully automated and semi-automated machines to package product such as onions, citrus, clementine, flower bulbs, toys, chocolates to name a few items. Our netting is available in roll stock in various lengths, widths and as well as different mesh configuration size. The mesh configurations that we typically offer are minimesh, openmesh, three strand and four strand. It can be used for full bags that are heat sealed or clipped and for variety of other packaging needs. Our netting can be used to make header bags, with communication labels or standard header labels, which offer excellent product visibility and promote shelf awareness. It can also be used on fully automated header bag machine that make, fill and closes the header bag automatically. This netting is widely used on CPack, Affeldt, Daumar clipper machines to make the 2lb, 3lb, 5lbs packages.

2.2 Construction Netting


SKAPS manufactures an extruded & oriented tubular heavy duty netting which is used in the construction industry as a part of an aggregate pipe system for use in septic leach field and drainage systems. This superior quality netting ensures maximum system life and performance. It is offered in various widths, length, colors and comes in roll stock.

2.3 Meat & Poultry Netting


SKAPS manufactures an openmesh extruded & oriented tubular netting which is used in the food industries for packaging turkey, ham and other meat products. This netting is made from superior polyethylene material and comes in variety of width, length and colors. This netting also comes in roll stock.