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SKAPS Industries’ nonwoven needle-punched fabrics have been applied to the roofing constructions and maintenance routines as means of insulation and reinforcement layers prior to installing waterproofing membranes. The durability, reliability, and exceptional performance of SKAPS Industries’ roofing fabrics significantly strengthen and extend the lifespan of traditional roofing where heavy rainfall or snowfall is experienced. Such fabrics contain the characteristics of high tear strengths, puncture resistances, and tensile strengths when combined with roofing bitumen during construction.

A newer concept of “Green Roofs” has implemented the use of nonwoven needle-punched fabrics to act as a filtration and separation layer. Green Roofs contain vegetation that is embedded over a waterproofing membrane, similar to traditional roofing. They have been developed and used more within larger cities to filter rainwater, offer insulation, and provide a more aesthetically pleasing landscape area. The idea of using green roof applications also aims to decreasing the heat island effect that urban areas experience due to large concentration human activities. Green roofs have a uniquely designed draining system that contains nonwoven roofing fabrics to filter soil particles from draining into the outflow system, meanwhile, holding the engineered soil in place.

Cross Section of Green Roof